Chapter one-enrty 1

Posted: August 2, 2012 in fiction, YA, YA novels, YA paranormal romance
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The pain started again today.  It’s the second time this month.

To this point I’ve been fortunate enough to not have my little episodes occur in front of an audience.  The usual bumps and bruises from falling can be lied away as clumsiness.  My general lack of coordination goes unquestioned.  But today I would have some explaining to do.

Today, on a perfectly cloudless, one-hundred and-six degree mid-May afternoon, my run was interrupted by the too familiar ringing in my ears that signals I’m about to be in trouble.  In the seconds following, the mountainous back drop of Marine Corps base Twentynine Palms slipped from my sights and I was reduced to a writhing, bleeding heap on the side of the road.

Excruciating, debilitating pain shot behind my eyes then ripped through my veins like razor wire.  It sliced viciously down the sides of my neck and through my arms before buckling me over at the waist and exploding its way out each tip of my fingers and toes.

Because I was feeling adventurous, I chose to run the back roads-a place my dad highly frowned upon me ever being at.  When the pain lashed out at me I lost my footing and fell down an embankment, hitting my face on a sizable rock as I settled at the bottom.

But that wasn’t the worst part.  It’s always the visions that follow.  Haunting images so vivid I would swear on my life they were happening in real-time.  Some that terrify me into near paralysis while others, many others so heartbreakingly beautiful that I’m left empty, weeping and aching to have them back when they have passed.  After, misplaced nostalgia rushes over me like a flash flood-memories of times and places, only none of them are mine.  I don’t know from where they come or why, just that they have remained with me since the beginning.

  1. pharrahkelley says:

    i read the first entry and i loved it i cant wait until the book is finished 🙂

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