Chapter one-entry 6

Posted: August 3, 2012 in fiction, YA, YA novels, YA paranormal romance
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He stopped talking the instant he saw the scrape on my cheekbone.  He’s funny when he worries.  His brows pull together, drooping his pale blue puppy eyes and his deeply sunned forehead ripples like little sand dunes.  I don’t look much like him though, except for the dark wavy hair that curses me every morning.

“But it’s boring,” I whined like a child.  “I feel like a hamster on a wheel when I run at the gym.”

His voice was softer now, obviously succumb by worry more than anger.  “I’ve never heard of a Hamster dying on a wheel in the air conditioning.”

They do, of boredom, I thought sardonically.

On my desk I laid out what I was planning to wear for my flight in the morning-running shorts, tee-shirt and flip flops-to minimize the quality time I would have to spend with airport security.

“I want to hear the crunch of sand under my feet, not the whir of a stupid machine,” I argued.  “And I’m tired of smelling whiskey oozing from the pores of hung over Marines running next to me.”

David stuck his head in the door on his way down the hall.  “Hey, don’t talk about me like that.  Rude,” he joked.

“I’m serious, Katherine, no more outdoor running,” my dad said, sternly glancing at me over the top of his reading glasses.

“Fine, I promise to not run outside anymore if you won’t make me go to Maine while you guys are gone.”  It was a weak attempt at a compromise and my dad looked at me like I was delusional.  A response I fully anticipated.  “Dad, I’m almost seventeen, and it’s only six weeks, I can baby sit myself.  Besides, I don’t even know the Hamlin’s.”

I wasn’t as anxious about leaving as I was about living with perfect strangers for the next six weeks.  At first, I tried to sound enthused about the whole thing for my dad’s sake, but on the eve of my flight I was losing my nerve.

“You’re sixteen,” he reminded.  “and because you think you can baby sit yourself proves you can’t.  End of discussion.”

I grunted with dissatisfaction as he left my room.

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