Chapter one-entry 5

Posted: August 3, 2012 in fiction, YA, YA novels, YA paranormal romance
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A boy and a girl-five or six years-old maybe.  Running through a dense field of summer green grass and wild flowers at the closing of the day.  They ran holding hands, their laughter an enchanting ring, like a wind chime.  Both blond headed and beautiful, with skin as smooth and pure as milk.  Her hair was a mess of kinky ringlets and her long dress a torn, dirty rag.  The boy, her opposite, immaculate in his trousers, blouse and vest.  Clearly they were worlds apart, yet I felt they held some indestructible bond. 

They stopped near the edge of a pond and watched-fingers still entwined as the sun gracefully slipped away.  Then, the most beautiful, angelic voice stole the setting.  A mans voice.  “Will you be mine?”  He asked. 

I tried desperately to put a face to the accented voice that felt so familiar to me, but no image came.  Though I couldn’t see where it was coming from or to whom the plea was made, but he sounded longing, desperate even.

Bang!  Bang!  Bang!

“Ugh!”  I gasped, clenching my towel tighter.  My eyes flew open as the pounding on the bathroom door startled me out of my reverie.  There was only one person who announces his presence like a police raid.  “Dad, you scared me,” I hollered.

“What did I say about running outside in this heat?”

I grimaced, practically able to hear him pointing his finger at me through the closed door, but was relieved that at least he wasn’t referring to where I was running.

“Not to?”  I replied with mock innocence.

“Katherine, that’s why there’s at treadmill at the gym.  Are you trying to get yourself killed?”

I dressed quickly as he reiterated all of his logical points on why no one should run in the Mojave during the summer months.  I’d heard the lecture so many times that I mouthed the words with him.  Dehydration, heat stroke, rattle snakes, on and on.  I opened the door to face him.

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