I would love to know what you think so far…. Yea or ney?

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Hey here is a great chance for you to tell me what you think so far.  Is this a story you want to continue?  Do you like the pace of the story-am I moving to fast?  Too slow?  Should I add more or less to a post?  Let me know so I can make this an even more enjoyable experience for you all…  Thanks again for taking the time to read Manifesting Kat and giving your vital input.  Have a wonderful weekend!


P.S.  here’s a little teaser from a future chapter:   “I walked towards the bathroom door to empty out the steam.  That’s when I felt and saw a gust of air move right in front me, causing me to stop dead in my tracks-frozen.  Suddenly, everything went still, too still.  The thick swirls stopped in front of me and I tried to steady my breathing and racing pulse.  Then it came, just as it had in the night-the sense of being watched.  Startled, I stumbled back up against the sink, leaning as far over it as I could.  The presence was close, like I could reach out and touch it, but I dare not.  I felt exposed, like prey anticipating the attack.

I whispered, shocking myself as the shaky words slipped past my lips.  “I can’t see you but, I know you’re there.”” 


  1. dollyperry says:

    I like the length of the posts, easy to read. Definitely continue! I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the chapter the teaser is from.

  2. dollyperry says:

    This is probably more than you want, but…

    First of all, I just want to say that I’m hooked! I’m really, really looking forward to reading the rest.

    And here are just a few things I noticed. Nothing big. Feel free to disregard them.

    I can’t remember a description of Kat besides that she’s pale and sixteen. I love it when people leave things like this up to the imagination, but if that wasn’t your intent you could think about slipping something in there, I’d say in the first couple entries or so. (That placement is just my preference. Usually by the first page I already have a strong image of the character in my head.) You did a good job with the Hamlin family, but I got the feeling they were stiff, or cold or something, in a way. Matt I didn’t have that sense with. Maybe it’s how perfect they all are. They come off as a bit creepy (in a good way!) and perhaps distant. Although when they were moving and expressing emotion that feeling went away.

    I hope I didn’t offend you in any way. I have honestly been thinking about your story all day. I can’t wait to see more!

    • zoechance says:

      Entry 6-when she tells that she doesn’t look much like her dad except for the far wavy hai that curses her every morning… Hey thanks a bunch for the input, I love having stuff like that so I can make the finalized version that much better for the reader. Also I think that the stiffness you feel towards the Hamlins will soon explain itself and why Matt isn’t that way and yes I want the readers to have a part in this book as well.. Imagination is one of the best parts about experiencing the story. Thanks a bunch Dolly.

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