The muted light that seeped through the translucence of my eyelids woke me from a deep, dreamless slumber.  I felt more rested than I had in months.  I lay warmly nestled in a fluffy down comforter while staring up at the ceiling fan that slowly turned circles.  I simply enjoyed the freedom of having to do nothing at all.

The room itself was spacious.  The walls painted an iridescent off white color with a brighter white crown molding separating it from the decorative tiles encompassing the ceiling.  Hung on the walls were several large, scenic paintings-other than the flowers and cherry wood floors, they were the only other source of color in the room.  The windows and doors that held the source of the summer’s light were covered by a sheer white fabric flowing elegantly from the ceiling, spilling onto the floor.

I was tempted to see what was on the other side of the doors but, the warm comfort of the bed held me captive.  The aroma of fresh cut peony and roses filled the room, lightly scenting the sheets and pillow cases.  I peered over at the clock and wondered if anyone else would be awake at seven-thirty in the morning.

I dressed in running clothes and decided to peek out of the bedroom door to see if anyone was milling around.  To my surprise, four sets of eyes and matching smiles greeted me from the kitchen.

“Good morning Kat. How did you sleep?”  Constance asked while she mixed something in a large steel bowl.

“Great.  A little too great, I almost forgot where I was,” I confessed.  “Breakfast is almost ready, are you hungry?”

“Oh…um no, I’m ok.”  I lied.  “I usually run before I eat, but, thank you.”  As I was saying this, my stomach growled and the smell of what ever she was cooking made it worse.

Matt spun around in his seat and looked at me worriedly.  “You’re turning down her breakfast? You have serious issues.”

I reached over to feel his light brown hair stiffly gelled into precisely arranged spikes. He simply smiled at my curiosity.

“Please, feel free to use the treadmill if you like,” Constance interjected.  “Some of these back roads can easily get you turned around.”

I guessed that was her polite way of saying that my dad already explained my lack of inner compass.

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