Getting lost was something that occurred quite regularly for me.  My dad even made me quit running off base alone.  He was tired of getting phone calls to come pick me up from random locations I had no clue how I wound up at.  I would get so wrapped up in thought that I would lose track of which roads I turned down.  It was nice of her to not out me in front of everyone.

“Okay, thanks.”  I smiled in acceptance.

I walked through the kitchen to the living area where the treadmill was situated directly in front of a set of tall, curtained French doors.

The doors were open, letting in a brisk morning breeze.  The temperature outside was much cooler than I expected-fifties maybe low sixties.  Back home it was at least ninety degrees by this time.

Past the large, flag stone deck was a plantation size yard.  In the distance I could see a small portion of a wooden walkway being swallowed by the veil of fog that concealed the ocean view.  A white gazebo sat centralized in the yard surrounded by a large garden while ancient skyscraping pines and maple trees edged the north and south sides of the property.  I was beginning to understand what my dad meant when he described this place as enchanting and magical.  It was a breath taking site that looked like it was ripped from the timeless pages of a fairytale.

I kept the run short-four miles.  The magnificent view was something I could get used to.  I quickly showered, dressed and twisted my hair up on top of my head.  I grabbed my protein powder from the closet and went to the kitchen to blend my breakfast; which was not nearly as desirable as the eggs Benedict and pancakes previously offered.

It was only Evie at the table now.  It looked like she was focused on sketching something in a book.  Matt was sitting on the sofa in front of the television playing a video game.  It looked rather brutal.  I sat the end of the brown suede sofa so I wouldn’t be in his way.  “What are you playing?”  I inquired.

He answered in his best Dracula voice.  “Blood Suckers Vs. Wolf Man.”

He was really into it-moving side to side, twisting, and rising with each movement of his character.

“Right, so which one are you?”

“The Vampire of course.”  As if I should have known there could be no other answer.


Oddly, I was drawn to the gruesome action and the magnificent detail of the graphics.

“Yes!”  He jumped.

I laughed.  “Another victorious slaughter?”

He sighed with satisfaction.  “Only three more levels.”


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