The next day was harder still. As if the exhaustion wasn’t enough, a sharp stabbing pain took up residence behind my left eye.  I figured the steady whooshing of rain would have relaxed me into near coma, but I guess my crying binge threw things off.  The last time I remembered looking at the clock was eleven-forty five, when a clap of thunder shot my eyes open.  I left the curtains open so I could watch the storm over the water, but it never came, just the rain.

Vaporous fog filled the property like smoke fills a jarred candle after the flame is snuffed.  I wanted to walk in it; hide in it.  I wasn’t ready to face the day or the volatile reactions I knew were inevitably waiting for me just outside the bedroom door.

I drug out my shower hoping to alleviate the freshly pummeled feeling I had, but it lingered.  I leaned against the shower’s smooth glass wall letting the water’s warmth pour over me like a blanket fresh from the dryer.  When I got out, I was freezing and, my pulse thumped relentlessly behind my ears.  I decided it was just nerves and it would soon pass.  I stared hopelessly at my reflection noticing that my face seemed sallow and my eyes dark and retreated.  But, I ignored it and got dressed.  My usual morning run was off for sure.

The scene looked much as it had yesterday morning.  Evie was occupied with a sketch that she was now incorporating color into, Matt was creating mayhem in his vampire gaming world, and Miles and Constance quietly made breakfast together.  And just as yesterday morning, Alex was M.I.A.

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