Florence+The Machine

Shake It Out

I have Discovered that writing, and writing well, requires a certain amount of inspiration.  Whether it be a majestic view or a song that strikes a creative chord within.  I, myself prefer to write to music.  But not just any music.  I try to get into the minds of my characters and let them make suggestions.  This particular song came about in a later chapter of the book when the protagonist, Kat Wheeler is having a conversation with Alex Hamlin about how their respective family secrets has made her feel, and the cost of holding on to regrets and guilt.  Each character has their own playlist, and soon character profiles will emerge on individual pages of their own.  I would love to hear from you all, your takes on songs that fit the image you have of some of these characters.

  1. dollyperry says:

    I LOVE Florence. I can totally see it.
    Super excited to see the bios too.

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