He breathed a little laugh, donning a pristine set of brilliant, white teeth.

“Do you always ask this many questions?”

“Do you always answer so many of them with one?”  I fired back.

“You are very persistent,” he smiled.

Alex’s demeanor softened slightly, his ridged frame now nearly as relaxed as his exquisite eyes.

I could see why his girlfriend would want to monopolize his time.  I could spend hours studying his many beautiful features.  His dark, tousled locks looked soft to the touch and far too inviting.  His lightly sun kissed face looked freshly shaven, and flawless.  A jealous twinge struck me, not just because I was overtly average and he was inhumanely gorgeous, but because this poster boy for impossible perfection was already taken.

“Your arrival took me by surprise,” he finally answered.  “And I do as well with surprises as say, you swimming with sharks.”

The corner of his mouth twitched slightly, holding back a smile.  I looked away as a sudden rush of heat overtook my face, realizing that he knew my fear was hardly a sinking boat.  “So how did you get stuck with us for the summer?”  He asked, clearly searching for a change of subject.

“My dad and brother got deployed together and since he trusts your parents implicitly, he thought I would be safest here.”  Simple enough.

“Even though we have never met?”

I explicitly recalled my conversation with Evie at the dress shop last week. “Haven’t we though?” I asked, confused.

Alex’s face froze in to an unreadable expression.

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