My enthusiasm for an uneventful day of reading died as the sun shone blindingly through the eastern wall of windows.

I figured Matt would be well into annihilating some poor, defenseless paranormal creature but, surprisingly he was watching the local news.  He was sprawled across the cushions in his wetsuit listening intently.  I punched him lightly on the shoulder as I claimed my spot on the couch.  It was nice not being the youngest in the house for once.  I figured whatever it was that could grab his attention must be worth something, so I watched with him.

According to the news anchor, a fishing boat exploded around midnight as it was returning to Penobscot Bay.  It left six of the eight man crew dead, and two still missing at sea.  They had not determined the cause of the explosion yet but suspect the cause to be lightning.  I couldn’t help but wonder if the explosion was the clap of thunder that woke me.

“I bet the bodies exploded on impact,” Matt hypothesized.  “Ooh!  Maybe vaporized.”

I should have been appalled by the gruesome imagery, but David would have most likely said the same thing.

I laughed, “Yeah, I’m sure that’s what happened,” rolling my eyes as I got up from the couch.

Alex jogged shirtless through the kitchen with his swim suit suspended precariously from his well-defined waistline.  Not a freckle or even a hint of a blemish spoiled his velvety skin.  His physical perfection was disturbing; Tall, lean and muscular, minus the bulk.  The image paralyzed my coordination even more than usual, causing me to trip over my own feet as I walked to the kitchen to rinse my plate.  Fortunately, the beaded stoneware survived.

Evie followed close behind, holding out a wet suit for me.

“You’ll want this,” she said.

I assumed that meant the water would be cold.  Alex gave Constance a kiss on the cheek and gestured at Evie, “We’re going to get the boat and Jet Ski ready.” He winked when he walked past me, “Nice hair,” he whispered.  His cool breath smelled oddly of lavender.  Flushing, I started combing my hair down with my fingers.  I watched as Evie followed him to the back door.  She smiled mischievously back at me as her brows bounced.  I shook my head and went to my room to get ready.

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