I had two options, both two-pieces; pink and white stripes, or the sportier black number with gold accents.  I tried them both on, carefully scrutinizing myself from all possible angles in the full length mirror.  My physique hardly compared to Evie’s, and I imagined wouldn’t hold a candle to Chloe’s either.

I’m slender, but softer than I should be for as much as I run.  I found myself grateful for the wetsuit to hide in.  I made my selection; black it was.  It looked more mature, plus it slightly enhanced what little curvature I did have.  I combed out the haystack that was my hair and dabbed on a little lip gloss.  I didn’t want it to look like I was trying too hard, but my ego already took a hit just standing in the presence of the Hamlin’s.

I took a final glimpse in the mirror before declaring that my appearance was as good as it was going to get, I slipped my flip flops and sun glasses on, and grabbed a towel from the linen cabinet on my way out.

Matt and I walked mostly in silence down to the dock with Miles and Constance close behind.  It sat at the property’s edge; maybe a couple of hundred yards away.  The closer we got, the more anxious I felt.  Matt fed off of it like a vulture of course.

“Nervous much?”  He laughed, gesturing to my fidgety digits.  I kept walking, fighting the impulse to stick my tongue out at him like a child.

He egged on. “Don’t worry, the sharks ate last night, remember?”

I grimaced.  “Gross.”

The prismatic red and white paint from the boat glistened in the sunlight.  Even when tied still at the end of the dock, it just looked fast.  I wasn’t sure if it was the fear of being on a boat for the first time, or just Alex standing next to the boat looking glorious that caused the erratic fluctuations in my heart rate and the tight knots in my stomach. Evie had just finished tying up a bright yellow Jet Ski when Matt sang, “Tiger’s, and Mako’s, Great White’s, oh my!”

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