“Matthew James, that’s quite enough,” Constance scolded from behind us.

Even though she didn’t yell it startled me a little-Miles and Constance had been so quiet, I forgot they were there.

Refusing eye contact with Matt.  “It’s okay; I only have to out swim you,”  I said darkly, while walking past him.  The jest was a meager attempt to console my nerves, but it elicited a little laughter from everyone else.

“That’s messed up, Kat,” Matt replied

Alex smiled a crooked, beautiful smile as he chivalrously offered his hand to steady my balance-I boarded the boat making it obvious that I had no sea legs to speak of.  This of course came as no surprise to anyone, as walking on solid ground posed a challenge for me some days.  This time his hand was solid, but cold and without the pain.  I didn’t pull away from his touch.  I returned the smile, then awkwardly looked away.

Atlantic waters look different from the Pacific somehow; darker, less blue maybe.  Islands rose up from the ocean with steely gray cliff sides of jagged rock, crowned by forest greens that swayed in rhythm with the wind.  The beaches were scarce; only a thin band of earth edged the water, hardly the familiar blonde sand pebbles I was accustomed to.  The humidity made the air feel cooler as the boat crept away from the wooden sun bleached dock.  Just outside the Penobscot Bay, where we started, the waters were calm and seagulls floated on the small swells, hoping for a chance at a decent meal.  Amidst the vivid blue sky, any cloud that dared to sneer at the sun’s brave appearance was veil thin and brilliant white.

Miles steered us towards deeper, darker water leaving behind a wake of frothy white foam.  Next to the boat, Alex kept up the increasing pace on his Jet Ski.

I tried to mimic Evie and Constance in their relaxed posture leaning back against the white leather bench seat.  I lifted my face towards the very sun I thought I would never miss, while its warmth on my skin melted away any chill from the crisp ocean air in the same way a hot bath would.

The deep purr of the engine accompanied by the protest of water rushing the side of the boat soothed me into a deep relaxation.  If it weren’t for Matt’s excited chatter, I probably would have fallen right to sleep.  It was about ten minuets later when I opened my eyes again.

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