Apparently, everyone else in Camden decided to take advantage of the magnificent weather too.  As scarce as it was, I couldn’t blame them.  The constant bustle reminded me of weekend traffic on Interstate-five between L.A. and San Diego.  Watercraft of every size and color cruised past each other, some with wake boarders in tow others on inner tubes, and still others simply enjoying the view.  Jet Skiers hijacked wakes left by passers-by, propelling them through the air, and then plunging back in to the water in search of the next one.  Off in the distance the scene was tranquil, sedate.  Long boats donning crisp, white sails full with wind disappeared beyond the horizon.

After about an hour of switching between the wake board and the tube, Matt was ready for a break.  I was exhausted for him.  He made it look so fun and easy, I felt silly for just sitting there watching everyone else have a great time.  Miles looked like he was having a great time of driving the boat and Constance took simple joy in her family’s happiness.

Miles stopped the boat further away from the action so that Evie could swim for a while.  I watched curiously as she dove into the frigid water without the slightest reservation.  I waited for several seconds, expecting that she would burst from the surface at any moment, gasping in shock from the chill.  Instead, Evie disappeared into the depths of the water for what seemed like forever.  I’d seen fish come up for air more frequently.  I nervously began biting my lip, confused that I appeared to be the only one concerned by her prolonged absence.  I was about to interrupt Miles and Constance’s conversation  when Evie surfaced from the water and effortlessly ran up the boat’s ladder.  She sauntered to the front of the boat completely un-phased or winded.

Evie’s drenched, tan skin shimmered in the sunlight like tiny crystals covering her body, and her wet, slicked back hair was as dark and lustrous as onyx.  She was tall and prepossessing like her twin.  Slender and graceful in the way she carried herself-the type that empires fought and crumbled over.  The Hamlin’s had it all; beauty, money, happiness, and on top of that they were just really great people-it didn’t seem fair, but it always seemed to work out that way.  I wondered if their fairytale life was something that caused people to loathe them.  No, I didn’t believe that anyone could be anything less than pulled in.  By that point I was glad to not have Chloe there to compare myself to.

In spite of the water’s frigid temperature, I got to feeling rather brave and figured I had better take advantage of the soon-to-be fleeting moment.

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