I thoughtlessly blurted, “I want to try it.”

It was as if a record scratched to a halt.  Disbelief flooded their faces as their heads simultaneously whipped around in my direction-it was dead silence.

“I want to give the tube a try?”  I specified as they continued to stare in disbelief.  I wasn’t nearly coordinated enough for a wake board.

All at once, everyone jumped into action.  Matt threw the tube into the water, Evie helped me into the wet suit, and Miles spouted off some directions that I only half paid attention to.  Before I had enough time to rescind my decision, I was belly down on the floating slingshot.  Alex reached over to show me where to hold on and gave a few pointers on leaning around turns.

“You don’t have to do this,” he whispered.

I nodded “Yes…I do.”  And I did need to.  It was well past time that I got over this childish fear.  After all, I didn’t hear one person yell shark all day so, how bad could it be?  I wasn’t entirely sure where this new-found courage manifested from but, I was going to run with it.  When I looked back up at the boat, I saw Constance and realized that she thought I was brave.  Her expression solidified my decision and I was bound to my follow-through.

Miles slowly pulled the slack out of the rope and I felt a slight twist and then tug at the tube.  He gradually increased the speed until I could feel the wind and ocean spray hit my face.  I held on tightly and tried to remember what Alex told me about leaning into turns… or was it away from turns?  Well, I remembered wrong.  I let out a quick yell before I hit a wave and flipped the tube, sending me skipping across the water like a rock on a pond.  Matt made it look much less painful than it actually was.  I knew I would be suffering later, but it was such a rush that I had to do it again.

I was anxious to go.  Alex effortlessly lifted me from the water and helped me back on to the tube before he sped off.  I adjusted my grip and signaled for Miles to take off.  Again, he proceeded slowly to clear the slack, and within seconds I was screaming across the water like a pro…well more pro-like than I did previously.  This time I leaned the in the right direction and managed to hang on.  I was going so fast around the turns that the tube zipped along the side of the boat before taking off again.

I caught a glimpse of Alex about fifty yards ahead of the boat, jumping waves and nose diving back into the water.  He looked even more glorious when he was relaxed and having fun.  However, in the back of the boat, Matt’s cheering suddenly halted and his excited expression transformed into absolute terror.


  1. dollyperry says:

    I really like this ending. It leaves you hanging and wanting more. Lots more. 🙂
    I’m going to type up something longer a little later. I’ve been away from wordpress and haven’t gotten to comment on anything these past couple days.

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