02 Maniac  (OPEN ME)

Because of comments received from the last chapter I have been able to make some very necessary changes that will overall improve the reader experience, and I would like to thank those who helped in that process. (again, in no particular order). – Who I would like to add is the reigning queen of The Writer’s Spirit.  I define this award as to be earned by an artist in the field of writing who selflessly takes time away from his/her craft to read and honestly critique the workings of others.  It is those people who truly contribute to the world of writing.

I don’t think it’s an actual award but maybe it should be one.  In any case I thank and appreciate her muchly.  You’re a MANIAC! – She also has a site at

Without you guys, my readers and critiquers, I would have no story…Thank you.  I wish there were more like you.

As I did previously, I would like to take some time to get your opinion of this chapter.  I welcome comments of all types and encourage honesty (Yes, even if it’s brutal.)

  1. dollyperry says:

    Aww, thanks! It sounds like a wonderful award!
    And just so you know, I really do have some thoughts about chapter two. I just need to find the time to sit down and write them! I hope I can get around to it today, but I may not get to it until tomorrow or the day after. Bear with me a little, please. School can be crazy at times. 🙂

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