My life didn’t flash before my eyes and I didn’t move towards any light, but I was certain death had come for me.  In the few seconds it took for me to be completely depleted of energy and hope, the figure was gone-disappeared into the deepest shadows of the water.

Instantly, I was renewed and began clawing my way towards the beautiful, glimmering surface.  But freedom didn’t last.  My captor relinquished me to an even more pathetic demise when it ensnared my foot in a net.  I pulled at my foot, then the seaweed covered net, then I tried dragging it with me to the surface-I went nowhere.

Trapped, exhausted and out of air.  So when the shadowy figure approached to finish me off, a strange calm soothed me and I almost welcomed it.  Here, in the dark, frigid Atlantic I would meet the bringer of death.  My courage abandoned me the clearer the figure got and I closed my eyes in anticipation of the end.

Suddenly, I was neither cold nor alone.

I shouldn’t have known, and there was no logical reason for me to know, but his warmth and electricity were unmistakable.  I reopened my eyes, and in his firm grasp, Alex held me tightly to his body-one arm securely around my waist and the other cradling my head. I flinched under his touch, assuming that he was my attacker, but I had nothing left to fight him with.  Alex looked wildly into my eyes, as if knowing he was watching my life slip away.

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