His hand gently wrapped around the back of my head, pulling me closer to him-I didn’t resist-I couldn’t resist.  And the instant he put his soft warm mouth to mine, my entire body went lifeless in his arms.  He impossibly breathed a full breath of cool air that filled my lungs.  It was as pure as if it had come from an oxygen tank.

Alex released me from his embrace, reached down and effortlessly tore the net, setting me free.

Shadows from boat bottoms obscured the light of the sun as we began to slowly resurface.  When we got a little closer, Alex pulled me in one last time, firmly placing his lips to mine.  I closed my eyes, gratefully accepting his breath as we continued our ascent.

I opened my eyes to see someone dive from a boat into the water.  In that instant, Alex was gone; vanished like he was never there.  I reached for him as the stranger scattered what remained of Alex’s image-the water’s chill separating us once again. The stranger grabbed my outstretched arm and pulled me the remaining distance to the surface.

I gasped for air as we came up, choking on the salty water that I accidentally swallowed.  I spun around in confusion searching for Alex, panicked that he was pulled under too.  There were already several boats surrounding me when I came up.  Horrified onlookers, some with tears streaming from their faces yelled for someone to pull me from the water.

“No! Alex is still down there, you need to get him,”  I choked out.  No one heard me over all of the commotion.

The stranger towed me to the side of a boat, pushing broken pieces of red and green plastic out of our way.  I recognized the sparkling paint and accepted the helping hand that reached over the edge.  My eyes were still a little blurry from the burning of the salt water but I recognized the voice as belonging to Miles.

“You’re bleeding,” he said unshaken.  I had forgotten about pain until he mentioned it, and then my lip started to throb in time to my pulse.  I reached up and felt the cut on my lower lip, when I pulled my hand away it was colored crimson.

Panicked.  “Alex is still down there,” I told Miles.  “He might be in trouble.”

“Alex is fine, he’s right here,”  Constance assured.  “Evie and Matt are on their way back to the house with the Jet Ski.”

The engine rumbled to a start and I looked past Miles to see Alex in the driver’s seat, back in his wet suit, and bone dry.

  1. dollyperry says:

    Third line from the bottom, typo? Where’s the rest of the sentence? Or does it only need to be capitalized?

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