I woke in the dark hours of early morning to a loud commotion.  Glass shattered through the usual peaceful quiet of the house.  Then, a solid thud that sounded like someone hit the floor upstairs above my room; in Alex’s room.  And then, silence.  A short while later, the front door slammed and several sets of feet ran up the stairs.  I waited until it got quiet again before attempting to investigate.  I was caught by Evie half way up the stairs, just as Alex’s agonizing scream hollowed my chest.

“What’s wrong with him?”  I asked panic-stricken.  She put her arm around me, walking me back towards my room

.  “Shhhh,” she shushed me.  Her voice was calm, but the worry quickly betrayed her eyes.  I didn’t even get to ask what was going on before a sudden weakness came over me.  Tingling ran from my scalp to my toes as consciousness slipped away.

The following morning, I was sitting at the table reading when I watched Alex leave Miles’s office.  It looked like the blood had been drained from his body he was so pale.  And his gait was cautious and hobbled.  It was the most frail and human I had seen him since my arrival.

I wanted to ask if there was anything I could do for him, but when I rose he halted mid-stride and turned his head, refusing eye contact.  I could see in his expression that he was angry, but chastened at the same time.  Not knowing what to say, I sat back down.

Alex remained in his room for two days after, his condition suffocating the house with a feeling of unrest.

By the end of the weekend, I needed to get out for a while-needed some fresh air.  There were a couple of places I wanted to see in town before I left Camden, and Main Street was only about two miles once I reached the paved road, so I decided to walk.  Constance hesitantly agreed, with the provision that I met up with Alex at the harbor by six-o’clock.  He was to bring me back to the house in time to shower and change before we went out to dinner.

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