“So all those times you were out with ‘Chloe’, you were on this boat?” I asked, taking a seat on a bench behind the big wheel. He merely nodded in response.

I watched in awe at how fast and gracefully he moved about. I envisioned his etched muscles flexing through his un-tucked blouse as he pulled a sail down to secure it.

Not making it apparent that I was intensely drawn to him was becoming increasingly difficult as the days passed. I couldn’t even explain the overwhelming attraction to myself, which was infuriating. I wanted so much to dislike him and find him repulsive in every way, but at least on the exterior he was flawless, unknowingly seductive. Even the mystery abounding him lured me in. He was nearly impossible to not want.

“Kat, you alright?” he laughed.

My face surged with wild heat. I didn’t even notice him turn around. Mortified by the likelihood that he caught me ogling, I hoped, prayed that I wasn’t making some ridiculous face when he did. I bit my lip and immediately diverted his attention.

“When I asked you about ‘Chloe’, you knew that I was referring to a significant other. Why didn’t you correct me?” I asked.

“A small omission that I didn’t think made a difference to you,” he said, as he continued to work.

“Omissions are betrayals,” I whispered. Well, that’s what my dad says anyway.

Alex froze at my words, then slowly stood to face me. “I’m sorry you see it that way,” he said, his angel face fallen and anguished. “Sometimes times they’re for your own protection.”

I replied before fully considering the possible repercussions. “Like omitting the fact that you can breathe under water, or dissolve into nothing?” I sounded more confident than I actually was and I bit my lip, waiting for the dragon to stir.

With his dark glasses on, it was harder to read his expression, but he didn’t sound angry when he finally spoke, in fact, he almost snickered.

“I can’t breathe under water,” he replied, attempting to conceal a smile. He’s mocking me!

  1. Angie says:

    I think you might have a typo in the 9th paragraph. Other than that. I am loving this novel so far!

  2. zoechance says:

    Hopefully I caught the error you meant. Thanks for reading, and I hope you continue to enjoy the story.

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