Alex jumped the alien craft to a start, and before I could change my mind, we were out of the parking lot.  My body leaned into his, arms clenched around his stone solid core.  The warmth radiating from him defending me from the cold bite of the wind.  I wasn’t sure if it was my obscene desire to remain so melted together, or the speed he kept up as we leaned around turns that elicited my irregular heartbeat.  His delicious, sweet scent just made me want him that much more.  I was hooked, and that was bad.

Alex drove more carefully down the dirt road than I figured he would have if I hadn’t been on the back.  I appreciated it, as I’m not a big fan of the ‘donor cycle’, as my dad calls it.  And, had he seen me climb on the back of one, he would have gone into cardiac arrest.  I thought I might conveniently forget to tell him.

Alex drove off to put his bike in the garage as soon as I got off of it, so I guessed the conversation was over for now.  It irritated me to no end how much control he took over the when and what information would be shared.  I had come to grips with the likely possibility that my mystery would go unsolved.  I would just have to either enjoy or endure what time I had left in Camden.

The house was quiet when I went up stairs looking for Evie.  Her bedroom door was open and I laughed at the piles of clothes draping her bed.

“I took the liberty of putting together a few things, I hope you don’t mind.”  She said, matching different tops to bottoms.

My lack of fashion savvy obviously came as no surprise to her.

“I need all the help I can get,” I admitted.

The thought of having to wear some over the top high fashion ensemble didn’t sit well with me, but running shorts and flip-flops wouldn’t cut it tonight.  Besides, she had been looking for an excuse to play dress-up with me all summer.  Why disappoint the girl?  Evie finally shood me out of the room, wanting to make her final selection a surprise, so I went back downstairs to start a shower.

I refused to cave in to my usual attempt at dissecting Alex’s cryptic messages-I would save that for tonight when I had more alone time.

I turned up the volume on my favorite avant-garde cellist, forcing from my mind any intrusive thoughts.  I focused solely on the music and the tasks at hand, like washing my hair and shaving my legs-a task requiring my fullest attention if I was to ensure not looking like a shark attack victim.

The bathroom filled with pillows of steam, making it nearly impossible to distinguish anything with any degree of certainty.  What was noticeable however, was the distinct inward swirling motion of the vaporous air outside the shower’s glass walls.  Steam twisted like tornadoes in the making.  The effect was so dramatic that I could only conclude one thing.

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