The familiar lavender scent of his breath rattled my spine with shivers.  “It’s always been you.”

Alex never said a word, but his physical response was deafening, sending the slightest knowing smile flittering over my lips.

A light tap at the bathroom door jolted me around.

“Are you alright in there?”  Evie chirped.  “I’ve got your clothes ready.”

I opened the door, trying to greet her with a smile.

“Good night!  You look like you just saw a ghost.  Are you okay?” she asked, genuinely worried.

Funny you should mention that.  I weighed the probability of her not knowing about Alex.  It seemed impossible that she didn’t, but I wasn’t about to test that theory.

“Yeah,” I laughed sheepishly, “I slipped and almost busted,” I lied.

What else could I tell her?  No, I’m not fine.  Your brother can dissolve into water and become invisible at will, and by the way, his invisible self was watching me shower just now.  I played the scenario in my head and was pretty sure that explanation would buy me a one-way ticket to a padded cell.

By now, the steam had escaped the bathroom as I was sure my visitor had.  When I finished dressing and brushing my teeth, I reached up to wipe away the beads of water still on the mirror.  I paused, staring for a moment at the hand print whose edges were beginning to melt away.  I placed my hand over it to compare the two.  It engulfed mine, and the mirror was still warm where it had been touched.  I quickly wiped away the evidence and looked up to find myself making eye contact with Evie’s reflection.

I said nothing, and gave no look of surprise by Evie’s presence, but something in her expression told me she knew what I had seen.

“Okay then,” breaking the tension, “Let’s doll you up, shall we?” she chirped, not skipping a beat.

“Right.  Work your magic, Jedi Master.”

Evie sat me in a chair working quickly and in silence, starting with my hair and working her way to my face.  I wondered what she was thinking while she dotted my cheeks and eyes with sponges and brushes.  Would she tell Alex what she saw?  Was she worried that I would tell someone?  If I asked, would she tell me what I wanted to know, rather, needed to know?  There was no telling at that point; her well controlled demeanor gave nothing away.

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