Evie hollered to me that they were ready to go.  Nervous, I checked myself one last time in the mirror before running out of the bedroom door.  I focused intensely on not breaking my ankle in the heels Evie had me in.

Miles, Constance, and Evie all stood by the front door waiting on me.

“Where’s Matt?”  I asked.  My real question being, where’s Alex?  I was trying not to be obvious about it.  I wasn’t very convincing, I decided.

“He’s staying with a friend tonight,” Constance answered, still relishing my recent make-over.

Miles brought his heels together with a clack, then bowed slightly at the waist.  “You look quite lovely this evening, Miss Wheeler.”  His mannerisms were a curiosity at times; reminiscent of an age long passed, but always a perfect gentleman.

I smiled politely.  “Thank you,” I said, feeling my face inflame.

Just then, Alex walked through the door announcing that the car was out front running.  He was silenced when the sight of me filled his vision.  Though I couldn’t tell what message was being conveyed, his posture drastically rearranged as he placed his hands in the pockets of his charcoal-grey slacks.

With animated eyes Evie gestured to Alex, not very inconspicuously tilting her head towards me. “Well? She looks great, right?” she asked.

Oh great, is she trying to humiliate me?  I felt like a charity case the way she was fishing for his compliments.  What was she thinking?  Of course I’m not attractive to him.  No one as unearthly beautiful as he is would be.

His lengthy pause was affirmation enough, so I wished he would have just remained silent.  But, he didn’t.
“Um, yes,” he said, visibly uncomfortable with the entire situation.  I clenched my fists tightly so the nails dug into my skin, clinging to what dignity I had left.

I gave Miles a ‘lets get a move on it’ expression.  He caught on immediately and opened the door for us, “Shall we?”

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