I realized then the enormity of my mistake, and immediately wished I could undo it.  I had obsessively sought after Alex’s secret, and now because I was angry and stupid, I had possibly exposed him to outsiders.  I hadn’t thought of myself as that until now, but to him, I’m probably an outsider too.

Miles murmured across the table, remaining as self-possessed as always.  “This is neither the time nor place for a scene, Kat.”  His words broke my trance on Alex’s unblemished hand.  Alex sat silently clenching his jaw, nostrils flaring angrily.  My betrayal affecting and testing every aspect of his composure.  Crap, I did it this time.  I slowly pushed my chair back from the table and cautiously rose.

I respected Miles’s request for a discreet exit, and began walking towards the door with Alex and Evie a half a pace behind.  Probably making sure they could contain any sudden outbursts on my part.  As we stepped out in to the dim light of the porch, the bustle and chatter of the busy restaurant was consumed by a terrifying, sharp ringing in my ears.  Not now, not now, I pled with myself.

Alex seized my arm.  His feverish grip was firm and insistent, but never inflicted pain as he swung me around to face him.  I blinked hard, desperately trying to clear the blur from my eyes, but I couldn’t bring the furious angel’s features into focus.

“How selfish can you be?” Alex hissed wrathfully. “Have you no regard for the damage your lack of discretion may have caused this family?”  More of a fuming statement than a question.

I tried to choke back the fear and piercing that started behind my eyes as the whole world in front of me began to spin.  I readied myself for the inevitable, capturing one last glimpse of Alex’s eyes.  The lights from the wharf and boats in the harbor swirled like stars from a Van Gogh painting.  And then, they were gone.

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