I woke back at the house, lying on my bed.  Evie was dabbing my forehead with a cold cloth looking more concerned than angered.

“Easy, Kat,” Evie said, as I sat myself up.  “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.”

Constance knocked lightly at the doorway and entered with Miles at her side.

“How are you feeling?” Miles asked.

“I’m fine, really.”  Actually, I was confused.  The expected sequence of events that occur during one of my episodes didn’t play out the way it historically had.  I recalled the ringing, the pain, and even the point just before I lost consciousness, but no vision.  Not even the briefest of flashes.

Miles nodded and his lips spread uneasily in to a hard, thin line.  His appraising looks gave me that feeling sometimes that he could just tell when I was lying.  It made me feel instantly guilty.

“Kat, sweetie,” Constance said.  “We need to talk to you.”  Her voice soothing as she took Evie’s place next to me on the bed.  Three sets of anguished eyes peered down on me, and I knew it was because I had betrayed them.  I needed to somehow make it right.

“I know I was stupid and selfish, and I’m so sorry.  It doesn’t even matter to me what he is, I care about him just the same, and I swear I would never tell a soul about what I saw.  I swear.”  My rambling plea for forgiveness only seemed to deepen the sadness that haunted their magnificent faces.  Miles walked out of the room, and I knew for sure It was too late for apologies.

“Shhhh, honey, we know.  But right now you need to come with me to Miles’s office.”

I looked questioningly at her as she took my hand and helped me to my feet.  Something in her voice and expression were off.  I didn’t like it.  Evie followed somberly behind me as we made our way to her dad’s office.  It was beginning to feel like a death march.  From over the library banister, Alex peered down at me.  He too looked tortured and broken, like a man who lost his whole world.  I couldn’t bear to see those otherworldly eyes cry.  I stopped to look up at him for a moment longer, then turned to Constance.

“What’s going on?” I asked nervously.

She squeezed my hand and said, “What happened at dinner tonight isn’t important.  Just know that we all love you very much.”

I looked up once more, but Alex was already gone.  Something very bad was about to happen, I was sure of it-making the remaining few steps to the office feel like an eternity.  Evie placed a comforting hand on my shoulder as Constance opened the heavy wood doors.

I saw Miles first.  Then, as he moved to the side, two men stood in unison from their seats.

Upon recognition, my veins iced over and I could feel the color fall away from my face.  The pulse that once steadily thrummed in my chest dropped hard and deep into my stomach as I sank to my knees.

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    omg, I want more….

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