It’s different between fathers and daughters.  With our little girls we tend to be over protective and overbearing, and then inwardly crushed when you cry from a scraped knee or a wounded heart.  Reflexively, we want to set those wrongs right and keep you out of life’s crosshairs.  I’ve tried to shield you, perhaps from more than I should have.     

There were many things I needed to tell you-to explain to you, but the time never felt right.  Katherine, not everything in this world is as it seems.  I regret not being your rock when it will count the most.  But, if there is one thing I can do right by you now, it is this: a little advise.  Trust what you feel.  You may doubt what your eyes have shown you, but your instincts will never deceive you. 

Not everything you learn will make sense or appear to be possible, but trust that I have seen what others can not, and that I have placed you among those who will understand you best.  I need you to be strong for David; he lacks your resilience. 

In time, a story will unfold-a fairy tale of sorts.  The ending is entirely up to you, but make that decision only after exploring all possibilities and their consequences. 

You have untold potential, Katherine, and the capacity for great love.  I have seen that in you-in your unconditional acceptance of who I am, and the sacrifices you have endured.  You truly are your mother’s reflection.  For these, among many other reasons,

I love you dearly.


I set the letter on his desk and draped my legs over the arm rest, settling deeper into his chair.  I closed my eyes and began humming the last melody I played for him.  I remembered how the bow felt in my hand, the tension of the strings digging into my callused finger tips, the way the richness of each chord reverberated in my dad’s smile.  The melody was achy and sweet, like a lullaby.  I hummed the notes softly until my eyes gave to the heaviness of sleep.

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