I swallowed hard, my eyes pricking.  “I am as fine as I know how to be right now.”  I turned and walked back to the desk, wiping a traitorous tear before he could see it.  “Is that really what you came all this way for?  To query my lack of communication?”

“Not entirely.  I came because I need to explanation.  There are things you need to understand.”

I agreed.  I froze where I stood in front of my dad’s desk, breathless, with Alex on the brink of revealing what I  pressed him so hard for.  But, to my own ghastly surprise, I wasn’t ready to hear it.  At least not right now.  My own cowardice made me snicker.

His voice softened like warm caramel.  “II was… ” he began stammering.

I cut him off.

“Is that all you think I care about?  What you are? How you do what you do?”  I turned to face him, my breath picking up it’s already frantic pace.   “Well, I don’t.  Whatever it is you have to tell me, it won’t change anything, so I don’t even want to know.  Don’t tell me.”

It was evident from his bewildered expression that he hadn’t prepared himself for that particular response, but an argument began to take form on his lips anyway.  I suspected that only more disappointment would follow his words, so I resorted to the only thing I had in my arsenal pleading.

“Just not today, please.  Not like this, the way I am right now.  I know you’re not human, I know you were with me that day on the boat, and I know that this all probably equates to danger on some level too, but I also know that you saved my life.  If you meant to hurt me, you would’ve already.”  I took a deep steadying breath, wiping my damp palms on my sweats.  “You’re here now.  Just let me have that for a little while longer.  Please.”

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