On the following page, ghost was defined. The soul’s physical state of being. The site’s author warned that ghosts deceive their victims with the ability to present themselves in a variety of forms, and in most cases are less benign than many believe.

“It is wise to never gain the attention of a ghost, unless you are prepared to summon unrelenting terror and open the gates to your personal perdition.” ~ Unknown

“Those gates have been open for a while now,” I muttered back at the screen.
I have never believed in such things as ghosts, and felt stupid for allowing myself to put weight in anything I saw in these websites. But I figured I had nothing to lose, and no other viable explanations were being offered. I reluctantly continued to the next page, trying to keep an open mind.
Blood red tabs stretched across the top of the page, indicating in alphabetical order the most commonly noted types of ghosts–apparition, ghoul, manifestation, phantom, poltergeist, shade, specter, and wraith. They were just a few.
Carefully, I read through the pages, making mental notes and comparing the descriptions and characteristics to what I had observed in Alex. From page to page, a few snippets would repeatedly surface, catching and focusing my attention. “…Evanescing figures…mysterious emergence or disappearance…animated and deceivingly life-like…” I sat up a little taller, momentarily excited that I might have actually been on the right path. The excitement didn’t last long.
There were a few brief biblical references and historical hauntings, but nothing that tendered any tangible evidence. Most stories that accompanied the descriptions were terrifying accounts of ghosts that psychologically, and at times physically tormented people to the brink of insanity, or in worst case scenarios, suicide and murder.
Those were the things I prayed made my ghost theory impossible. Alex was a lot of things–mysterious, stubborn, moody, and at times, stalker-esque… I continued through my list, my mind involuntarily drifting to the day he saved me from drowning. …can vanish into thin air, breathe under water, spontaneous healing… That list was not helping his case, so I cut my inner monologue short. I couldn’t force myself to think of Alex as dark or vile, but if there was even the slightest splinter of truth to any of these claims, was that knowledge something I was prepared to live with?

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