It seemed that when-ever I sought to answer one question, several more cropped up immediately behind it. The predominant question that loomed, I tried but failed to shove into the shadows of my consciousness. Good or bad, what ever I discovered about Alex, would that categorization also apply to the rest of the Hamlin’s?
A couple of months ago, I promised Alex that I would never disclose his secret to anyone, but I knew I would eventually be leaving, so at the time keeping that promise wasn’t such a challenge. I never dreamed I would be returning to Camden, much less become a pity adoption and a permanent resident. Exposing the Hamlin’s would most definitely reverse my pending living arrangements.
Over the past several weeks, I wondered if my dad knew all along that Alex was different. And if he did know, did he also know exactly what he was? The things he could do? If he was as dangerous as this website cautioned?
One more time, I pulled out and read the letter my dad wrote me. “…trust that I have seen what others can not…In time, a story will unfold.” I was fairly certain that I had my answers to those questions.
My dad kept Alex’s secret, and I never knew him to do anything without a good reason. So I could only imagine that he had good reasons for keeping it from me and David as well.
It was decided then, I thought. I would say nothing. I wouldn’t burden David with that knowledge. I would hold on to Alex’s secret because my dad would have wanted me to, and I would go to the Hamlin’s because I was sure there had to be a reason for that too.
I read more.

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