Several people posted their paranormal encounters in the site’s comment section. They wrote accounts of reoccurring phenomena just prior to each sighting. One woman stated that just before a ghost would appear, her electronic devices would suddenly malfunction all at once. She wrote, “My phone would turn itself off and on repeatedly, and there would be no signal again until the ghost left.”
In another article, a man said that when his air conditioner went out one summer, he woke in the middle of the night with the strange feeling that he wasn’t alone. The man claimed that the room abruptly became so cold that he could see his own breath. “The next thing I know, there’s this seriously hot chick standing in my room. I thought it was a dream at first, but she came several nights in a row, just days before my heart attack. It must have been a warning.”
And yet another witness attested that a strange, glowing ball materialized through her brick office-building wall and then disappeared. “Suddenly, books were flying off the shelves and my desk slid across the room into the adjacent wall.” The next thing the woman remembered was waking in the hospital. A co-worker heard the commotion, and when she opened the office door, she found the woman on the floor with a power cord in her hand. The doctor told her that she had been electrocuted and was lucky to be alive. Those all seemed like wild claims and was nothing I could relate to. I hadn’t noticed any peculiar electronic anomalies. I was feeling more and more confident in my conclusion that Alex was not a ghost.
I scrolled to the bottom of the page where in bold font a quote read, “A ghost is but a marionette, a simple distraction for the eye, while Death, his puppeteer, delights in his prey.” ~Dr. Jonas Carver

Prey? That’s creepy, I thought. What was that supposed to mean? The good Dr. Jonas made it sound like ghosts were bait in some kind of hunting expedition. I sighed exasperated. “Stupid,” I said to myself.

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