I read Dr. Carver’s brief biography. In late 1800 London, he began his career in the newly emerging field of psychology. After his wife, Claire died, he fell off the radar for a time, eventually resurfacing in Southern Spain after completing research in the Congo. Jonas had been highly respected in the field of psychology and was urged to speak at a conference to reveal his research findings. Jonas reported to his colleagues that many of the cultures he came across held strong beliefs that the human soul continues on after death. Jonas claimed to have evidence to prove it. He spoke about his meeting with death, the reality of reincarnation and even made a bold claim that his dead wife was not only alive, but would live forever. His findings were deemed too far fetched for the scientifically driven mind and thus concluded to be the ramblings of a bereft mad man. Jonas colleagues abandoned him, afraid that he would single-handedly discredit the entire field of psychology after so much effort was expended to achieve a status as its own science. Quickly, his peers banished him from the psychology community all together; his works and journal articles destroyed, he was never to be mentioned within the science world again, and soon Jonas was forgotten
I moved on to the site’s art gallery, glancing absentmindedly through the pictures. I was disappointed in the lack of fruitful revelation my search had produced, and was no more certain of what Alex was then when I started.
Several photos showed lingering shadows with no body to claim them; gauzy looking figures ascending staircases; and glowing orbs that zipped around cemeteries or through open windows, some exploding into bursts of light. Most were a curiosity at best, but none were especially convincing or even exceptional displays of art. Except one.

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